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Numalogic is a collection of ML models and algorithms for real-time data analytics and AIOps including anomaly detection.

Numalogic can be installed as a library and used to build end-to-end ML pipelines. For streaming real time data processing, it can also be paired with our steaming data platform Numaflow.

Key Features

  1. Ease of use: simple and efficient tools for predictive data analytics
  2. Reusability: all the functionalities can be re-used in various contexts
  3. Model selection: easy to compare, validate, fine-tune and choose the model that works best with each data set
  4. Data processing: readily available feature extraction, scaling, transforming and normalization tools
  5. Extensibility: adding your own functions or extending over the existing capabilities
  6. Model Storage: out-of-the-box support for MLFlow and support for other model ML lifecycle management tools

Use Cases

  1. Deployment failure detection
  2. System failure detection for node failures or crashes
  3. Fraud detection
  4. Network intrusion detection
  5. Forecasting on time series data

Getting Started

For set-up information and running your first pipeline using numalogic, please see our getting started guide.